Infrastructure, sector with high growth opportunities


The OECD estimates global infrastructure investment requirements of $50 trillion by 2030. SSGA launched SPDR Morningstar Multi Asset Global Infrastructure UCITS ETF. Lesné (SSGA): “It’s the world’s first ETF that combines both equity and fixed-income exposures to infrastructure” With its potential of long-term and steady returns, the infrastructure market is… Read More »

The case for global corporate bond investing


US companies issued a record amount of more than €27 billion of euro-denominated bonds (known as ‘reverse Yankees’) in the first quarter of 2015, taking advantage of the relatively low financing costs on offer in Europe compared to their home market US dollar credit spreads have widened significantly in relative… Read More »

Separating sentiment from fundamentals


Bond markets have already priced-in Greece’s unsustainable debt load As Greece is on the verge of exiting the EMU (“Grexit”), Greece’s continued existence in the EMU matters only to the extent to which a Greek default on debt will be orderly or chaotic. In either case, bond markets have already… Read More »

Black Hole Sun

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It’s a bit nervy in the bond market at the moment. We can all see reasons to sell but are worried that when the time comes we won’t be able to Greece might cause a credit market wobble, the Fed might cause another rates market wobble and the traders might… Read More »

Volatile Rates: A Sign of Normalization or Danger?


Early in the year, the bull market in global bond markets was unstoppable, as oil fell and central banks cut policy rates or added to unconventional easing. But, in Q2, sharp sell-offs reversed many of those gains. Heatmap: Roubini’s End-2016 Inflation Forecasts (%) Source: Roubini Global Economics    Market Rather Than… Read More »

Italian BTPs offer a leveraged bet on Bunds


Languid reaction to repeated faltering Greek negotiations suggests that the notion of ‘Grexit’ has long been taken into account. It is German Bunds, not Greece, which remains at the epicentre of souring sentiment in Eurozone bonds The languid reaction to the Greek debt crisis not only suggests that ‘Grexit’ has… Read More »

A views for the second half of 2015 in bond markets


Deflation. Liquidity. Greece. These are the words of 2015 if you are a bond investor The year kicked off at a whirlwind pace, with the long-awaited announcement by the European Central Bank (ECB) that it would finally begin its quantitative easing (QE) programme nearly upstaged by the Swiss National Bank’s… Read More »

OverProfit, the “golden” opportunities on the stocks market

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Credit Suisse, Intesa Sanpaolo, Hca Holdings, Stryker Corp, Ntn, Daiichi Sankyo-Tyo e Shionogi. Here, the stocks that offer to the investors great opportunities for growth Credit Suisse, but also Intesa Sanpaolo, Hca Holdings, Stryker Corp, Ntn, Daiichi Sankyo-Tyo e Shionogi. Here, some of the stocks that offer to the investors… Read More »